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COVID-19: Banky W blast FG for exposing citizens to risk with NIN registration



Popular Nigerian singer, Banky Wellington, known also as Banky W, has taken a swipe at the government of President Muhammadu Buhari for making citizens register for NIN despite the recent spike in Coronavirus cases reported globally.

Taking to his Twitter handle, singer to lampooned the present administration’s iresponsibility for making people scramble frantically for NIN registration while the whole world is fighting a raging pandemic.

Banky W lamented the lack of social distancing among citizens at various NIN centres, stressing the health risk this could cost to a whole lot of people.

He pointed that people are being exposed to the same virus that has been taking the lives of many all because of NIN registration.

The musician, however, urged the Federal government to do something about the situation or put an end to it.

“How can they ask us to maintain social distancing on one hand and at the same time use this NIN madness to expose all of us to COVID-19?

“This is completely irresponsible for the Federal Government and to us as a country, to insist on this mad scrambling for NIN numbers in the middle of COVID-19’s second wave?.

“People are dying…We should be smarter, wiser than this for goodness sake.

“In the middle of the pandemic, this is how our Nigerian government has its citizens queuing up to get their NIN numbers.

“Completely reckless, inconsiderate and dangerous. Then tomorrow the NCDC will release COVID-19 infection rates and say social distancing. This country sha,” he wrote.

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