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Kano indigenes should be given more federal jobs than other states – Ganduje



Ishaya Peter

Governor Abdullahi Ganduje has called on President Muhammadu Buhari’s regime to increase Kano’s employment quota in the federal government’s employment.

He specifically asked the Federal Character Commission to give the State a much higher consideration in its employment formula due to what Ganduje called Kano’s high population, NAN reports.

The governor stated during a courtesy visit the Executive Chairman of the FCC, Ms. Muhibba Dankaka.

He noted, “My only observation is that we from Kano are equal to three or four states. We know it is very difficult, but we are asking for much higher consideration in the employment formula.”

Buttressing his claim, Mr Ganduje pointed out, “Kano has a population triple or four times of some states, therefore, should be given a higher consideration in terms of employment.

“We have 44 local government areas. We have 484 wards, 24 members of the House of Representatives, and 40 members of the state assembly.

According to Ganduje, none of the states in Nigeria has such a structure, asserting that his state is the biggest democracy in Nigeria.

He added, “We are just reminding you, but we are not complaining. We have to commend you for your efforts in coping with the current challenges. I believe you are helping the president to observe the shock of unemployment.

“I think, since there is no public outcry, I believe you are doing very well in the commission.

Ganduje is of the opinion that due to the high unemployment level, the country’s economy is down, and the private sector is weak.

He further stated, “so, you can imagine the number of graduates that we have which are unemployed, and seeking for employment. The pressure falls on the FCC, but, I am happy no state is complaining of marginalisation at the moment.”

Earlier, in her speech, Dankaka said they were in Kano to inspect some of the FCC’s ongoing projects in the state.


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