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Little boy telling mum of girlfriend breaking his heart goes viral on internet



A little boy who found and lost love has learnt at a very tender age that love most times hurts. 
It is quite appalling for this lad had to realise at such age that finding our Mr or Mrs Right is not one fairytale or a childhood fantasy.
The young man was filmed by his mum sharing his hurt of a broken relationship and how his bae broke his heart by dumping him for a new bloke at school.

“Mum, you see that girl that I used to love. She broke up with me. She likes the new boy now,” he told his mama. The supportive parent then asked him if he was okay, to which the boy simply shook his head. The mother asked if he spoke to the girl and the boy said: “She says she doesn’t love me any more.” 

“Continue to nurture this relationship, him being open up with you. Yazi we cried in our rooms whilst our moms shouted us cze dishes needed to be washed, and couldn’t tell them we are not okay…” 
Rome Setshedi, who goes by the handle @romanciaga, wrote: “I’m glad the young king has a mom who lets him cry, healthy expression of his hurt and disappointment. Good job mama.”
 Another social media user, @marlonizzle, said: “Just thought about the problems I faced when I was his age. Umjolo was nowhere near my issues. The young King is gonna bounce back.”

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