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“Tell us how you got the money to build the house for your mother”- Kemi Olunloyo to Emmanualla



Controversial journalist and social media personality, Kemi Olunloyo has reacted to the house built by kid-comedienne, Emmanuella Samuels, for her mother, asking her to reveal her source of income for her to afford to build such an edifice at such a young age.

The social media was agog on Saturday, November, 14, after the 10-year-old girl splashed photos of the house and its interior, but Oluloyo believes the girl could not afford to build such a house and thinks her mentor, Mark Angel, is the one behind the house which is worth millions of Naira.

Taking to her Twitter handle, Oluloyo questioned Mark Angel on why he should put up the pictures on social media as criminals could target the young girl and go after her family.

“Mark Angel should never have announced a 10yo building a house for her mother. She’s a minor. You’ve exposed her and the house to potential criminals. Also, I have a right to ask questions due to Transparency  and Disclosure. Nigerians demand that from politicians. Hypocrites.”

In another tweet, she advised Emmanuella’s management team to consult her as she has a second degree in Public Relations Management to avoid such embarrassing situations in the future.

Read the tweet here:

“EMMANUELLA: Public Relations Mgt is my 2nd degree. In PR, when a 10yo comedian builds a house, that achievement needs to be elaborated in a professional way. Mark Angel should tell the media the EXACT source of her income used to build that house to inspire other young kids.”

In yet another tweet, Olunloyo wrote:

“Don’t just post all over the Internet about a house that could have been built by her uncle Mark Angel for her mother and Emmanuella’s name used to upgrade her brand for more fans, followers and recognition. Nigerian mainstream newspapers don’t ask questions.

“Other young comedians and enterprising kids should know how they can make that money too. In Hollywood, kids’ salaries are public information. Inspire other kids. The problem in Nigeria is everyone wants to show off their earnings without letting other know how to do the same.”

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