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Violent Clashes In Indonesia Over Jobs Law



Protesters argue that the new jobs law paralyzes workers’ rights and harms the environment. Public concern because protesters ignored health safety protocols for Covid-19. On Thursday 8 October the number of confirmed cases rose to 320,564. In Jakarta alone, there were 83,372 cases with 1,834 deaths.

Violent clashes have broken out across Indonesia, including Jakarta and Surabaya, against the new jobs law. Yesterday, October 8, will be remembered by most Indonesians as the darkest day since October 2019, since the nation enjoyed a politically calmer situation following the presidential inauguration.

Yesterday’s mass demonstration by students, trade unions and others was not expected to turn violent. It happened when crowds of demonstrators started setting fire to public facilities along Jakarta’s main boulevard, vandalizing government offices and others. The violent protest yesterday caused damages of billions of rupees.

Protests against the so-called “Job Creation Law” are now expected to continue as these people strongly urge the central government led by President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo to enact another en lieu (Perppu) law to replace the Job Creation Law.

The main grievance is that the new jobs law paralyzes workers’ rights and damages the environment.

At the time this massive protest took place, Indonesian leader Jokowi was still in central Kalimantan on an official visit.

Late yesterday evening, in an impromptu press conference by the Senior Minister for Political, Legal, and Security Affairs, Prof. MD Mahfud firmly denied all allegations by protesters that the newly released jobs law will harm workers and other realities. “

It is strongly aimed at facilitating protocols so that anyone can obtain legal documents to create a commercial entity,” said Mahfud, who was joined by the chief of police and the Indonesian military commander. (INDEPENDENT)

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